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$435,000 Result for Client Who Passed Out at Work Due to Anxiety

Our client was at work when she started to suffer an anxiety attack. Before she knew it, she had passed out and fallen to the ground, resulting in injuries to her shoulder and neck.

Although her injuries were painful, she did not believe them to be severe, so she started taking Tylenol regularly to lessen the pain. She continued to take doses of Tylenol for several weeks, unaware that the drug was starting to affect her liver. She would later be diagnosed with acute liver complications linked to the increased use of acetaminophen. Although, she did have several preexisting liver conditions.

Given that she only needed to take strong painkillers due to a panic-induced fall at work, she filed for workers’ compensation benefits. The responding insurance company denied her claim and insisted that all of her health complications were preexisting with no tie to her work injury. At this point, Rodich Law in Woodland Hills stepped in and took over.

Going Above & Beyond for Our Clients

We were able to arrange for our client to be treated by a liver specialist, with payments for the treatments being covered by the defendant. Given that the defendant and their insurer denied any responsibility for her fall and liver damage, it is quite remarkable that they agreed to pay for her treatments.

After her treatment sessions had concluded, the liver specialist indicated that no further treatments would be necessary. The defendant offered only $50,000 to settle the issue, but we knew this amount was not reflective of the hardships our client had endured and would likely continue to experience for some time. Through aggressive litigation and pushing the matter to trial, we were able to convince the defendant to offer a much larger settlement of $435,000, which our client agreed to accept.

Any time we can increase a client’s final settlement or verdict amount by such a significant amount, we see it as a huge win. However, we are happiest to know that justice was secured for our client, who can now live more comfortably because of it.

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