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Catastrophic Auto vs Motorcycle Accident

One of our clients was catastrophically injured in an auto vs motorcycles accident. as a result of the accident the applicant lost use of his left arm below his shoulder. Multiple medical procedures later and with additional issues to the workers neck and back and the need for life time medical treatment and care. Our client received an 11 million dollar settlement assuring that he will never have to work another day in his life and that all his medical needs will be taken care of.

Injured Worker

Settlement for an injured worker who lost the use of his arm in an auto accident going home from work. Our client was leaving work to make a delivery for his employer. He, unfortunately, entered into a serious auto accident which resulted in the total loss of use of his arm along with neck, back, and psychiatric injuries. Future medical was going to result in multiple surgeries and possible psych hospitalization. Two years of negotiation netted out client a settlement of $11,000,000.

Payments & Treatment for Life

Our client sustained an injury when he was run over by a car. After receiving considerable medical treatment for several years, our client received a civil settlement of $4.75 million. Traditionally when an injured worker receives a civil settlement, the settlement proceeds are deducted against any award they receive in Workers Compensation. At trial, our office was successful in getting Defendant to waive any credit rights they had. Additionally, we were able to get our client an additional $126,000, payments for the rest of his life, and his future medical care covered for the rest of his life.

Pedestrian Accident Victim

Our client was crushed between a tow truck and a pole. as a result of the injury the applicant was hospitalized for 30 days and developed back, neck, and leg problems. the injured worker also developed a blood problem that required lifetime medicine to manage medical issues which arose from thyroid issues that were aggravated by the worker's injury. The insurance company and our firm were able to resolve the continuing costs of the treatment and medicine for over 3 million dollars assuring the worker's medical needs are taken care of for the rest of their life...our continued dedication to protecting our client's future needs allowed us to reject earlier offers of 1 million dollars and raise the offer to the 3 plus million dollar settlement.

Back Injury

A machine operator represented by Rodich Law injured her back while lifting a box of thread at work. After a long and difficult course of treatment and care, it was ultimately decided she needed surgery. The insurance company refused to authorize the back surgery for our client. Rodich Law forced the insurance company to trial on the issue of back surgery. After convincing a Judge to authorize the back surgery the applicant underwent the surgery the applicant’s case eventually settled for $1.5 Million dollars.

Wage and Hour Suit & Injured Back

The injured worker sustained injury on the job to his low back. Initially Defendant offered $5,000 dollars to resolve the case. The offer was rejected and ultimately Rodich Law won at Trial on the issue of injury. Rodich Law then obtained benefits for the injured worker. In review of the wage statements provided by Defendant, Rodich Law noticed wage and hour violations. Our office was able to assist in procuring a $1.2 million settlement on behalf of the injured worker and all similarly situated employees and a $55,000 dollar of the injured workers low back claim.

Lifetime Benefits - Repetitive Work Injuries

The applicant sustained an injury to his neck and back due to repetitive work. The case was originally denied by the insurance company and employer. After successfully overturning the denial, we were able to obtain multiple back surgeries for the applicant. Defendant made an offer of $150,000.00 which was rejected. After taking the case to trial, we were able to obtain an award of 100% which guaranteed the applicant lifetime benefits. Subsequent to our favorable trial decision, we resolved the future medical component for $1.2 million.

Ankle Injury

Rodich Law represented a laborer who fractured his ankle jumping off the back of a work truck. After surgery where two pins were put in his ankle, he developed a diabetic condition which Rodich Law obtained approval for medical treatment and care. The initial offer to settle this case was $75,000.00. After lengthy negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to increase the offer to $975,000.00.

Automobile Accident - Personal Injury

Our law firm settled a personal injury claim as a result of an automobile accident occurring in July of 2021. In July of 2021 our client was traveling in Agoura Hills California when his car was struck by a negligent driver. Our client sustained injuries to his spine and neck. After 3-4 months of physical therapy our client eventually had a microdiscectomy surgery to his low back. The insurance company attempted to argue that the accident did not lead to the need for the surgery and offered $50,000 to resolve the claim. After, a year of depositions and discovery they increased their offer to $400,000. Believing the value of the claim was greater than that we continued with aggressive case handling and eventually resolved the claim for $975,000 for our client. A truly great result.

Slip & Fall Injury

The manager at a Mimi's Cafe slipped and fell. Defendants initially made little effort to obtain treatment and attempted to minimize the injured workers' claim. many years of treatment and care later the applicant developed bilateral knee problems and had multiple surgeries including back surgery. we were successful in having the applicant declared totally disabled. the injured worker continued to obtain treatment and care. we were successful in having the insurance company pay 100,000 dollars more to move the applicant to a downstairs apartment and pay for increased rent. As the claim went on the insurance company offered $650,000 to settle the claim. We eventually were able to increase the offer to settle the claim for $949,700.

Slip & Fall Injury

A teacher’s aide slipped while on-the-job and suffered what seemed to be a minor injury. However, as time went on, the injury worsened significantly and needed surgeries to address. The insurance company acting as opposition wanted to settle for a minimal amount but our team at Rodich Law is adamant about getting every penny our clients’ need and deserve. It took a bit more than a year but we were able to get her five times as much compensation as she was first offered, ending at a healthy $750,000.

Hand/Arm Injury

Our client injured his arm and hand while working for an apartment complex. Specifically, a grinder cut his arm. The injured worker retained our office and we were able to get him to one of the top surgeons in the state to repair the damage to his arm and hand. Realizing the value of this case, Defendant's offered the injured worker $100,000 in an attempt to settle his claim. The injured worker, based on our guidance, rejected the offer. Rodich Law continued to work up the case and creatively argue a total loss of earnings. This was despite the fact that the injured worker was working at another job. After extensive negotiations, our office was able to get the injured worker a settlement of $685,000 or six times the initial offer.

Continuous Physical Injury

Long term employee gets $600,000 for continuous physical injury over 18 years of work. Our client was a long term employee of a construction company. As a result of his 18 years of hard physical labor, the Applicant required neck surgery, back surgery, and a knee replacement. The insurance companies original offer to settle the case was $75,000. Our aggressive approach at Trial and continued negotiation ended with a settlement of $600,000 for the injured worker who said "he never has to work another day in his life" due to this settlement.

Stress Claim

Our client was a long term employee of an electronic company who was required to work 60 hour weeks. After 15 years of employment, he was fired based upon a down sizing of the company. Rodich Law filed a stress claim on his behalf. The insurance company denied the claim and offered $5,000 to settle the claim in its early stages. We were eventually successful in having the employer accept the stress claim. After two years of temporary disability and treatment and care, we were able to settle the claim for $600,000 making a very happy and satisfied client.

Stroke Case

One of our most interesting cases in a few years just resolved last month. We recently took in a long-term employee who worked for the studios. The injured worker had a stroke at work. The stroke left the applicant partially paralyzed. Defendants immediately denied the claim. The applicant was placed in a skilled nursing facility and eventually sent home in need of therapy and continuing treatment. After review of all components of the applicants, age health status and prolonged litigation parties attempted to resolve the claim at the outset. The original offer on the case from the defendants was $40,000. No response was given. Defendants raised their offer to $100,000 and subsequently to $200,000. Two more attempts were made by defendants one at $350,000 and one at $450,000. We believed the value of the case to be in the range of $550,000-$625,000 and informed defendants of such. Two weeks later this matter was resolved and approved at the WCAB for $600,000.

Torn Achilles Heel

An injured worker tore his Achilles heel while performing his job as a maintenance supervisor. The insurance company took the initial position of denying the case. After proceeding to Trial and winning on the issue of whether the injury happened at work the insurance company agreed to pick up all back temporary disability and surgery. The surgery ended up causing the injured worker to need dialysis. After a very aggressive negotiation, we were successful in getting the applicant a settlement of $500,000.

Head Injury

Our client sustained a head, neck, and back injury when a piece of metal fell on his head. When he reported the injury, he was sent to an Industrial Clinic. The Industrial Clinic dismissed his complaints, released him back to work, and said his case had no merit. Defendant, relying on the medical records from the clinic, offered our client $2,500 dollars. Our office deposed the medical doctor. After completing the doctor's deposition, Rodich Law was able to get the medical report thrown out at Trial. We then procured medical opinions from seven new doctors who noted that our client had a myriad of complaints that were related to the injury. After getting the Applicant two years of benefits, a back surgery, evaluation by seven doctors, and medical care at a rehab center, the parties eventually agreed to settle the claim for $465,000.00 or over 150 times the initial offer.


Slip & Fall Injury Applicant passed out from an anxiety attack at work sustaining injuries to her shoulder and neck. To treat for her orthopedic injury, Applicant consumed Tylenol. Over the course of several weeks of taking Tylenol, Applicant developed acute liver complications. Applicant had a considerable amount of pre-existing issues with her liver. Defendant maintained the position that all internal issues were pre-existing and not due to her work injury. We were able to get applicant treatment from a liver specialist, paid for by Defendant, despite Defendant maintaining a denial of the injury. Applicant was released by the liver specialist with no indication that any further treatment was necessary. To resolve all issues, Defendant's offered $50,000.00. Through aggressive litigation, and pushing the matter to trial, we were able to resolve the matter for $435,000.00.

Eye Injury

A worker sustained an injury to his eye when a piece of metal wire hit him in the face. After procuring emergency surgery and continued treatment with an ophthalmologist, the doctor released him and wrote a report indicating that his case was only worth $4,000.00. Upon review of the medical reports, our office set the deposition of the doctor and was able to discredit his report. After significant discovery, we then set the matter for trial. At trial, the parties agreed upon a settlement for $275,000.00, or over 90 times the original value set forth in the initial doctor's reporting.

Trip & Fall Accident

The Applicant injured herself during a trip and fall accident. She sustained injuries to her back, neck and knee. Defendant at the beginning of the claim offered $15,000 to resolve the claim in lieu of additional medical treatment. The defendant had to have back surgery which the was Applicant offered $75,000 to resolve all issues. We continued to push forward to trial until we reached an agreement to settle her claim for $268,000.00.

Slip & Fall Injury - Lower Back Injury

The applicant sustained a slip and fall injury while working for the employer. The applicant had surgery, and ultimately, the parties were able to settle the matter for $268,000.00.

25 Times Initial Settlement Offer - Neck Injury

After a popular rock star performer took a spill during a live concert and seriously injured his neck, he was only offered a $10,000 settlement. Our Woodland Hills workers’ compensation attorneys from Rodich Law fought tooth-and-nail for his rights, including taking the case into litigation. We won a final total of $250,000 in recoveries for him, or 25 times greater than what he was first offered.

Repetitive Work Injuries

A flight attendant sustained injury because of her repetitive work duties. The insurance company offered $20,000 in lieu of continuing to litigation. However, the offer was rejected and ultimately the case settled for $245,000.00.

Long Term Injury

Applicant injured as a caregiver in 2014 while lifting a patient..defendants for the longest time took a denial position on the case as we continued to aggressively litigate the issue of injury and ongoing temporary disability due and owing the applicant. For a period of 7 years, the defendants offered $25,000 to resolve all issues. On the day of the Trial, the defendants met our demand of $244,000 to resolve all issues.


Long Term Employee Applicant was a long-time employee with a company where he sustained a repetitive work trauma. Defendants originally offered $10,000.00 to resolve this case. After going to trial and a finding of injury in favor of the Applicant, Defendants increased their offer to $45,000.00. After changing the doctors opinion in cross exam, and facing defeat, Defendant agreed to resolve the matter for $241,000.00.

Repetitive Work Injury with Future Medical Care Open

Our client sustained a repetitive work injury while working as a Tax Auditor. The claim was initially denied by Defendant. After filing for court, Defendant admitted that our client sustained an injury to his back, neck, hands, wrists, shoulders, and stomach. Our client then proceeded to receive considerable medical treatment over the next couple of years. At the conclusion of his treatment, we filed for court. At court, Defendant's offered to resolve the matter for $123,000 with our client having the ability to treat his work injuries for life. We countered their offer with a demand of $240,000 with future medical care open for life and back benefits owed to our client. This was rejected by Defendant. The matter was tried and the judge awarded our client $240,000, future medical care, and back benefits were owed.

Finger Amputation

Settlement for an injured worker’s finger was partially amputated in an accident. Our office was able to get him surgery for his finger amputation. Further, during his recovery Rodich Law was able to get the injured worker over two years of Workers Compensation benefits and successfully argued that because the Applicant lost a finger, his whole hand was “functionally lost.” As such we were able to get the Applicant the full value of a lost hand after he had a successful surgery and returned to work with a settlement of $230,000.

Repetitive Work Injuries

The worker over the course of his employment sustained repetitive injuries to his shoulder, neck, back, hands, and wrists. At the initial outset, the Defendant had offered the injured worker $35,000.00 to resolve his case. Upon further litigation, we were able to get the applicant a settlement amount of $225,000.00.


Injured Worker The applicant sustained injury to his back, neck, wrists, and hands in a car accident. Defendant made an initial offer of $10,000.00 to resolve Applicant's case. After heavy litigation, we were able to get the applicant multiple surgeries to his back and wrist. At conference we settled the matter for $213,000.00; over 20 times the initial offer.

Knee Injury

Our client injured his knee while working. Given the findings it was determined that he would need a knee arthroplasty. Prior to retaining Rodich Law, Defendant refused to authorize a knee arthroplasty or give the monies for our client to pay for it on his own. After taking an aggressive approach and pushing to trial, Defendants agreed to pay our client 212,000 to cover his medical needs for his knee.


Construction Accident Applicant sustained injury while working at a construction site. He worked for an unlicensed contractor who did not have workers compensation insurance. After significant discovery, we were able to find coverage. At Trial, we successfully argued that the developer should be held liable for the work injury. After getting the insurance company to admit liability for the injury, we then got them to authorize treatment for the top specialists in the state. After getting Defendant to pay the full amount of benefits owed to the Applicant, we were able to settle the case for $200,000.

Injured Worker Led to Death

Our client filed a claim of injury to his neck, shoulders and back while he was employed in California. While visiting his family in India, unfortunately he passed away. Rodich Law filed a death claim for the surviving spouse claiming that the stress of his employment caused his death. After filing the claim, Defendant offered $5,000 claiming that the case was meritless. Our office procured several medical experts to comment upon the cause of death. After taking several depositions, Defendant then offered $90,000 to resolve the case. Our client declined this offer based on our recommendation. At Trial our office was able to settle the claim for $195,000 or the full value of the surviving spouse's case.

Repetitive Work Injury

Injured worker sustained an injury to his low back and elbow due to repetitive work. The applicant originally hired another firm to represent him. He came to us concerned as he had not yet had any elbow surgery and was told by his then-attorney of record, that $20,000 dollars was an appropriate settlement offer to accept. We then subbed in on the matter and were able to obtain elbow surgery for the applicant. After taking the case to trial, we were able to resolve the case for $190,000.00.


Repetitive Work Injury Rodich Law represented a worker who, after suffering lower back and elbow injuries related to repetitive work, was concerned that he had not received elbow surgery. As a result, another attorney at a different firm told the applicant that the $20,000 settlement offered by the insurance company was appropriate. However, after we took over the case, we were able to help the applicant get elbow surgery and secure a verdict of $190,000 at trial.


Mulitple Injuries The Applicant sustained a specific injury to his shoulders, hands, wrists and back. We successfully got the Applicant shoulder and wrist surgery. After rejecting offers of $50,000 and $100,000, the claim went to Trial. Facing defeat, Defendants agreed to pay $180,000, or the full value of the case.

Crush Injury

An employee sustained an injury when he was crushed by an industrial press. He was hospitalized for a week as a result of the injury. Our office was able to get him emergency surgery and a subsequent surgery for his shoulder. Eventually as treatment progressed, the injured worker developed complications with his blood pressure. Our office was able to get the injured workers' internal and orthopedic issues treated through the insurance company. After the doctors stabilized all of his conditions, we were able to resolve the case for $175,000.


Work-Related Repetitive Motion Injuries Our firm recently resolved a case involving four years of litigation on behalf of a woman who sustained work-related repetitive motion injuries to her back, knees, and neck. The applicant was initially told by doctors that her claim was not worth anything, and she was offered a mere $7,500 settlement. After taking the case, however, our attorneys realized right away that there were deficiencies in the medical reports. We quickly set depositions of all the doctors involved in evaluating the applicant, ultimately achieving a favorable resolution in the amount of $170,000 on behalf of our client.

Repetitive Work Injuries

The injured worker sustained a repetitive work injuries to her back, knees, and neck. Upon arrival, the applicant had seen conservative doctors who indicated that her case was valued at zero dollars. The applicant was offered $7,500 to resolve her claim. When she came to us for consultation, we quickly recognized the deficiency in the medical reports and set the depositions of all the doctors who evaluated her. After four years of litigation, we were able to obtain a resolution in favor of the applicant in the amount of $170,000.00.


Repetitive Work Trauma Application sustained a repetitive work injury. After initial offer of $5,000.00 and a doctor indicating that the applicant doesn’t have any disability, we deposed the doctor who could not substantiate his reporting. Upon further discovery, we were able to get doctors to indicate that only did she have orthopedic issues, but internal and psychiatric issues as well. At Trial, the parties settled the matter for $168,000.00.

Neck Injury

Our client fell at work sustaining injury to his neck. Rodich Law procured medical treatment with a neurosurgeon at Cedar Sinai hospital. The injured worker was discharged from care with an indication he may need a discectomy. After taking the doctor's deposition, we were able to convince the doctor that the injured worker would likely need a fusion. Defendants initially offered $35,000. After negotiation, Rodich Law settled the case for $167,000 which covered the cost of our client's potential fusion, post operative care and disability.

Repetitive Work Injuries

Our firm most recently resolved a claim against a large aerospace company in Southern California. Our client was a long-term employee who was required to crawl into airplanes doing electrical work. He worked for the company for 20 years. Through out that time he developed problems with is wrists, shoulders, knees and back. He had an original attorney who recommended settlement of his claim for $25,000. The client fired his original attorney and hired Rodich Law to continue his representation. After another 2 years of litigation, cross examination of expert witnesses and aggressive claims handling we were pleased to resolve the employees' claim for $165,000. Over six times the original offer on the claim.

Knee & Shoulder Injuries

The injured worker sustained two injuries while working as a carpenter. Specifically, the injured worker injured his knee and shoulder. Defendants did not provide any offer until our first court appearance. The first offer was $25,000.00. After denying their offer, we were able to get the Applicant out for surgery. Defendants refused to increase their offer until trial. After continuing the trial, the parties eventually were able to settle the matter for $155,000.00.


Back & Knee Injuries The injured worker sustained two injuries while working with his employer. After being diagnosed with only a low back sprain and knee sprain by the Industrial Clinic, the applicant was released to return to work without restrictions. Within two weeks of applicant’s consultation with our office, we were able to get the applicant on disability so that he could receive payments every two weeks while treating for his injuries. Applicant received an additional $140,000 dollars while on disability leave before settling his cases for $116,000.00.

25 Times the Initial Offer - Repetitive Work Injury

An employee sustained a repetitive work injury. Initially, Defendants denied liability for the injury because they believed he injured himself with another employer. After conducting discovery, our office filed for Court to challenge Defendants denial of injury. At Court, our office was successful in getting Defendants to admit liability for the injury. We then got the Applicant a neck surgery and post-surgical care, all paid for by the insurance company. Eventually, the matter settled for $130,000 or 25 times the initial offer from Defendant.

Slip and Fall

Our client slipped and fell at work. Initially Defendant only accepted liability for three parts of body as a result of her injury. Rodich Law contested the nature and extent of the injury and proceeded forward to Trial. At Trial, Defendant conceded that our client injured ten parts of body as a result of her fall. The injured worker eventually underwent surgery. After surgery, the parties settled the claim for $130,000.00.

Construction - Back Injury

Our client injured his back while working at a construction site. Prior to retaining our firm, Defendant offered our client $5,000.00 to resolve his claim in lieu of continued litigation. However, we continued to push forward getting the applicant treatment for back surgery and eventually settling his claim for $125K.

Back Injury

Settlement for an injured worker who hurt his back lifting. While at work, our client was lifting when he injured his back. He had several surgeries before retaining our law firm’s representation. When he retained us, the insurance company didn't want to authorize another surgery. We were able to get the insurance company to authorize the additional surgery and a settlement for ten times their original offer.

Wrongful Termination - Workers' Compensation Claim

The injured worker developed back pain due to her repetitive work over several years. She went to a doctor while she was working but never reported her work complaints to her employer. Eventually, she was terminated. After her termination, she filed a Workers Compensation Claim. Defendant's denied the claim stating that she filed her case in retaliation. After settling the matter in court, Defendant's offered $10,000 to "buy their peace." Instructing our client to reject the offer, we were ultimately able to settle the matter for $85,000.

Stress Claim

Our client was attacked at work by a co-worker. Eventually she was sent to a doctor for independent evaluation. That doctor indicated that her stress was not because of work but because of other events in her life. To aggravate matters, because of the reporting, Defendant was asserting that she owed them $39,000. Our firm was able to get defendant to walk away from $39,000 and pay an extra $60,000.00 in a lump sum.

All Surgeries Paid For

Back Injury Rodich Law was honored to be able to manage a claim for a Los Angeles Police Department officer who was hurt while working. He needed back surgery, which was denied by the City of LA. On top of that hardship, the LAPD wanted to discharge the wounded officer because he could not complete regular job duties. We fought the City and protected a protector as a result by securing the necessary surgeries without additional costs to him and making certain he kept his job.


Medical Care & Payment for Life Lifelong care and pay for an injured police dispatcher. A police dispatcher sustained several injuries during the course and scope of her work. She underwent several surgeries as a result, all of them paid for by her insurance provider. After her surgeries, she still needs more treatment and care. Rodich Law got her treatment and medical care covered for the rest of her life, as well as a settlement that will continue to pay her for the rest of her years.
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