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Representing Union Employees

As a union member, you have specific protections against unfair labor practices. However, these labor laws can be extremely complex and confusing. If you feel that your rights as a union employee have been violated by your employer, contact a Woodland Hills union representation law attorney at Rodich Law. We represent union workers in various disputes with their employer, helping them to find justice and fair solutions.

We can represent union employees in cases involving:

  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) claims
  • Wage disputes
  • Employee grievances

Whether your employer is disputing your worker's comp or paying you the incorrect wage, we can guide you through the proper legal avenues. Our attorneys will work to obtain the results that you need.

Work with a Lawyer to Resolve Your Union Dispute

Union-employer disputes can be resolved in several ways:

  • The employer can agree to most or all of the union’s demands (this strengthens the union’s position)
  • The union can agree to most or all of the employer’s demands (which can be a consequence of ineffective legal representation)
  • Arbitration. The issue will be decided upon by a third party. Usually the side with the most effective counsel will often prevail in these proceedings.

Your employer will be represented by an attorney, so be prepared with your own attorney as well. At Rodich Law, our union law attorney understands the unique challenges and issues that unionized workers face. We know how to resolve grievances in a way that addresses the fundamental issues and promotes an effective solution. Have our team do the heavy lifting for you – we can fight for your interests and seek the best possible outcome.

Contact 818-888-3000 if you are facing a union-employer dispute.

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