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Firm Wins Over $15M in Workers’ Compensation Settlements

For over 50 years now, our workers’ compensation attorneys have aggressively fought on behalf of injured workers, by seeking full financial recovery from the employer’s insurance provider. We are excited to share some of our most recent victories wherein we recovered more than $15M in total settlements for four of our clients. In this post, we’ll touch on the details of each settlement, and how we were able to protect the rights of these Woodland Hills workers.

Case Result #1: $949,700 for Slip-and-Fall Injury

Our client sustained a slip and fall injury while working for Mimi’s Café. The injured worker sustained bilateral knee injuries and back injuries, which led to multiple surgeries. The employer and insurance company made efforts to minimize the injured worker’s claim for disability in order to reduce costs. After a 3-day trial, we were successful in having the injured worker declared “totally disabled.” As a result of our victory at trial, the insurance company eventually agreed to our settlement demand, allowing our client to manage her own medical care for the rest of her life.

Further, our client was required to move from an upstairs apartment to a downstairs apartment due to her inability to climb stairs. We were successful in obtaining an additional $100,000 to cover both the moving expenses and the increased rent the applicant had to pay.

Case Result #2: $3.2 Million for Tow Truck Driver

Our client, a tow truck driver, was crushed when his tow truck pinned him to a metal pole. As a result of this catastrophic injury, our client was hospitalized for 30 days. Our client sustained serious back, neck, leg, and kidney injuries. As a result of the injuries and subsequent hospitalization, the client developed a thyroid problem which required ongoing medical treatment.

The insurance company initially offered $750,000 to resolve all of the applicant’s needs for lifetime medical treatment and care, and to cover any residual impairments he could have. Seeking appropriate restitution from the insurance company, we were successful in obtaining a settlement of $3,200,000, protecting our client and his family from significant costs for the rest of his life.

Case Result #3: $11 Million for Worker Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Our client was involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident when he was struck by another vehicle. The injured worker lost the use of his left arm and sustained serious injuries to his back and neck. The injured worker required multiple complex surgical procedures. Our doctors agreed that our client would need a lifetime of medical care to maintain his physical condition. 

Our firm’s aggressive handling of this claim allowed us to recover $11M to compensate the injured worker for his injury. We were successful in ensuring that our client will not have to work another day in his life, without sacrificing the quality of care he will need to treat his injuries.

Case Result #4: $600,000 for Stress Claim

Many law firms will not handle claims where an injured worker claims stress. At Rodich Law, we believe that stress claims also can yield physical and emotional injuries, and that these injuries deserve to be compensated. Our client was a 15-year employee who regularly put in 60-hour work weeks. In spite of the loyalty our client showed his employer, he was eventually fired. As a result of the years of stress, the applicant demonstrated anxiety, emotional issues, lack of sleep, and physical complaints of pain.

The initial offer from the insurance company was $5,000 to settle his claim. The insurance company denied all the applicant’s claims for injuries. After 3 years of aggressive litigation, our attorneys were successful in securing a settlement of $600,000 to cover our client’s ongoing disability, treatment, and care.

Do you have a workers’ compensation claim in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, or surrounding areas? Don’t hesitate to call Rodich Law at 818-888-3000 to schedule a free consultation!

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