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Law Offices of Gary Rodich Settles Four More Workers' Compensation Claims

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich is always working diligently to do what is best for our clients, who are mostly workers’ compensation and employment law claimants in and around Woodland Hills. We believe that every client’s case is as important as any, and, therefore, each victory is one worth celebrating. We would like to take this time to once again announce four more recent successful case results that ended in settlements.

Eye Injury Resulting in $275,000 Settlement

A worker suffered an injury to his eye when a piece of metal wire hit him in the face. After undergoing emergency surgery and continued treatment with an ophthalmologist, the doctor released him and wrote a report indicating that his case was only worth $4,000.

Upon review of the medical reports, our office set the deposition of the doctor and was able to discredit his report. After significant discovery, we then set the matter for trial. At trial, the parties agreed upon a settlement for $275,000, or more than 90 times the original value set forth in the initial doctor's reporting.

$225,000 Settlement for Long-Term Worker

The worker suffered repetitive injuries to his shoulder, neck, back, hands, and wrists throughout his employment. At the initial outset, the defendant had offered the injured worker $35,000 to resolve his case. Upon further litigation, we were able to get the applicant a settlement amount of $225,000, or more than six times the initial offer.

$155,000 Settlement for Injured Carpenter

A worker suffered knee and shoulder injuries while working as a carpenter. The defendants in this case did not provide any offer until our first court appearance. The first offer was just $25,000. After denying their offer, we were able to get the applicant out for surgery. Still, the defendants refused to increase their offer until trial. After continuing the trial, the parties eventually were able to settle the matter for $155,000, or more than six times the first offer they thought would suffice.

$268,000 for Low Back Injury Claimant

The applicant suffered a slip-and-fall injury while working for their employer. The applicant underwent surgery for pain and complications to their lower back, which took the brunt of the fall. Ultimately, we were able to settle the matter for $268,000 without needing to go through a protracted trial.

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