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Law Offices of Gary Rodich Settles Trip & Fall Claim for $268,000

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich was recently hired to represent a woman who tripped and fell on someone else’s property. She suffered serious back, neck, and knee injuries in the fall.

At the beginning of the claim, the defendant offered our client $15,000 to resolve the claim in lieu of additional medical treatment. When it was determined that our client would require back surgery, the defendant returned with a $75,000 settlement offer. Despite the new amount being 5x larger than before, our attorneys knew the amount would still sell our client short.

We persisted with the claim and pushed forward with litigation. The defendant agreed to settlement negotiations again. Our team is pleased to announce that a $268,000 settlement agreement was reached, which is nearly 18x larger than the original settlement offer. Most importantly, the case was concluded with our client being thrilled by the result.

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