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Recent Case Wins by Our Woodland Hills Workers' Comp Law Office

At Rodich Law, we tirelessly fight for our clients’ rights in all manners of workers’ compensation claims and cases. No matter the peculiarities or difficulties of a case, you can bet that we will put our all into the work we do for our clients, never resting until a satisfactory case result is achieved. We are excited to be able to tell you about three recent case victories, each one noticeably different from the next.

Rock Stars Need Workers’ Comp, Too

We represented a famous rock-and-roll star hailing from a famous rock band – the artist’s name and the name of his band have been omitted to maintain our client’s privacy. He was performing onstage at a concert when he suffered a serious neck injury.

After two surgeries, the insurance company still tried to deny that the injury was work related and propped up a flimsy $10,000 settlement to try to make the case disappear. Undeterred, we fought for our client’s right to fair compensation, ultimately bringing the case to court. It was found that the musician was indeed injured at work. The case closed with a fantastic $250,000 award for our client.

Schoolyard Injury Turns Serious

Another case we recently handled involved a teacher’s aide who slipped and fell at work. The injury first seemed relatively minor but progressively worsened as time went on. She needed pain management to cope with the injury but was denied it.

The Woodland Hills workers’ comp attorneys at our firm fought for her pain management sessions as well as additional and necessary surgeries to her shoulders and wrists. The insurance company continued to deny the treatment options she desperately needed. After aggressively litigating the case in court, the insurance company offered $150,000 to settle it. Our client wanted to accept but we convinced her that the insurance company was trying to lowball and pay as little as possible.

A year later, we managed to settle the claim for a grand total of $750,000, which set her up comfortably for the remaining years of her life. We were so pleased to see her so thrilled when she received the news of the settlement, happily in tears.

Protecting Our Protectors

The last case we can share today involved a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer who suffered an injury at work. He required back surgery to correct the injury but the City of Los Angeles denied the treatment. The LAPD also attempted to discharge the officer from duty and therefore employment.

We had to litigate the case to get the City of LA to listen to what was right. We not only successfully obtained the surgery for the officer but we were also able to get him his job back. He is now proudly working as a Los Angeles police officer in full duty.

Want to know more about Rodich Law? Need our Woodland Hills workers’ compensation lawyers for a claim of your own? You can contact us at any time for a free consultation to discover your rights and legal options after being hurt at work.

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