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The Law Offices of Gary Rodich Obtains Significant Results for Injured California Workers

Our firm is proud to have earned several recent verdicts on behalf of our clients. These recent case results represent our commitment to recovering maximum benefits for injured California workers. When insurance companies offer lowball settlements—or refuse to settle at all—we are prepared to aggressively represent our clients’ best interests at trial.

Read on to see recent verdicts we secured for our clients, or contact us directly for a free consultation about your workers’ compensation case.

$1.2 Million Recovered for 100% Disabled Worker

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich recently obtained a $1.2 million verdict for a client who sustained work-related neck and back injuries caused by repetitive work. Both the employer and the employer’s insurance provider initially denied the claim but, after overturning that denial, our firm was able to help the applicant obtain multiple back surgeries.

The defendant offered a settlement of $150,000, which we rejected. We then took the case to trial and successfully obtained an award of 100%, which guaranteed our client lifetime benefits. After achieving this favorable verdict, we were able to resolve the future medical component of the case for $1.2 million.

$190,000 Recovered for Repetitive Work Injury

Our firm recently represented a worker who sustained lower back and elbow injuries due to repetitive-motion work. This client came to our firm concerned that he had not yet received elbow surgery and was told by a different attorney at another firm that the $20,000 settlement offered by the insurance company was appropriate. Our attorneys were able to help the applicant obtain elbow surgery and, after taking the case to trial, secured a $190,000 verdict on his behalf.

$170,000 Recovered for Injured Worker Originally Offered Zero Dollars

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich recently represented a worker who sustained a repetitive work injury to her back, knees, and neck. After seeing several doctors who advised that her case was valued at zero dollars, the applicant was offered $7,500 to resolve the claim.

Upon conducting an initial consultation with the applicant, our firm quickly realized that there was a deficiency in the medical reports and set depositions for all of the medical professionals who had evaluated the applicant. After four years of litigation, our attorneys were able to obtain a favorable resolution of $170,000 for the applicant.

You can view more of our recent case results here. If you were injured at work or due to a work-related activity or incident, contact us right away for a free consultation.

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