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The Law Offices of Gary Rodich Win More Than $600,000 in Recent Settlements

At Rodich Law, our attorneys work hard to help our clients find justice for the wrongful injuries they suffered at the hands of others. Recently, our office successfully procured more than $600,000 in settlements for our clients’ injuries. Among those successes was a knee injury, back injury, and stress case.

$221,000 Knee Injury Settlement

One of our clients sustained a workplace knee injury. A licensed medical provided determined that our client needed a knee arthroplasty—a surgical procedure to replace a person’s knee that involves resurfacing knee joints with metal and plastic parts.

Prior to retaining Rodich Law, the defendant refused to authorize a knee arthroplasty or otherwise compensate our client for the costs of the arthroplasty. After taking an aggressive approach to negotiations, pushing the matter to trial, the defendants agreed to pay our client $212,000 to cover the necessary medical procedure for his knee.

$125,000 Back Injury Settlement

Our client injured his back while working at a construction site. Before retaining our firm, the defendant offered our client $5 thousand to resolve his claim and stem future litigation. 

However, we continued to push forward, getting the applicant treatment for back surgery and eventually settling his claim for $125,000.

$60,000 Stress Claim

Our client sustained stress-related injuries after a co-worker attacked them. In response, our client’s employer required an “independent evaluation” of the stress claim, alleging that their condition was not caused by work, but resulted from other events in their life.

To aggravate matters, the defendant asserted that our client owed them $39,000 for reporting the incident. Our firm was able to see through the defendant’s attempt to intimidate us and ultimately convinced them to pay our client an extra $60,000 in a lump sum.

Consult an Experienced Attorney from Rodich Law

Have you been injured due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another person? If so, you might be entitled to a legal remedy for the resulting losses you sustained. You should retain an experienced and capable attorney from Rodich Law to help determine the extent and nature of your legal rights and options. You don’t have to pay a penny until we can recover fair compensation for your injuries.

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