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Workers’ Comp Lawyer Wins Big in Repetitive Injury Cases

More Notable Workers’ Comp Settlements from Rodich Law

Our experienced Woodland Hills law team is dedicated to serving individuals who have sustained injuries after workplace accidents or other employer negligence. We don’t back down or accept insurance companies’ paltry initial offers, which often barely cover medical expenses the client has already incurred.

With a specialty in handling worker’s comp cases, Attorney Gary Rodich brings unwavering dedication to each case and makes himself personally available to answer client questions. Throughout 50 years of serving Woodland Hills, he has helped clients recover more than $6 million in benefits that the employers’ workers’ compensation insurance didn’t want to pay. 

Recently, he settled two cases involving repetitive work duties, negotiating increased insurance payouts to cover clients’ prior and continuing care.

$20,000 $245,000 Payment for Repetitive Work Injuries

A flight attendant filed for workers’ compensation after being injured by the repetitious motions her job required day after day. Flight attendants often suffer lasting damage to their spine and back from helping passengers with overhead compartments, or to their wrists from pushing heavy beverage and snack carts through plane aisles. These injuries may have long-term effects and require continued treatment or physical therapy for mitigation of symptoms.

After filing for workers’ compensation, our client was offered a $20,000 settlement. When compared to the number of medical bills she would have to pay, this inadequate sum did little to diminish the costs of her work injury. Our team at Rodich Law helped her negotiate a settlement of $245,000.

$5,000 $350,000 Settlement & Authorization of Treatment

Jewelers must perform delicate work, using small tools that they manipulate with their hands and wrists. This type of work can lead to repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Our client’s wrist pain led him to apply for workers’ compensation, and he received an initial offer of $5,000.

Injuries like carpal tunnel or tendonitis often require surgery to repair nerve damage, and physical therapy afterward. The defendant’s first offer neglected to recognize the severity of the injury and the complex treatment required. Working with Attorney Gary Rodich, our client won approval to seek the necessary medical treatment and walked away with a settlement of $350,000—70 times the original amount offered.

Don’t let workers’ compensation insurance trivialize the expenses and hardship you face after a workplace injury. Bringing an expert on board can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Talk to our workers’ compensation team today by calling 818-888-3000 or reaching out online.

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