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We at Rodich Law are thrilled to announce attorney Barry Rodich as a new member of our firm! As our new associate, we are honored to welcome him and his multitude of skills as a Woodland Hills Workers’ Compensation attorney. 

His practice focuses on representing and defending the rights of injured workers who are in need of Workers' Compensation. Barry has experience in obtaining benefits for injured workers to include temporary disability benefits, permanent impairment and medical treatment and care when so denied by the employer.

Prior to joining Rodich Law, Barry worked for a Workers’ Compensation defense law firm and uses this valuable insight to the benefit of his clients. Barry also has experience in representing employees in wage and hour claims when employees are not paid by the employer for work performed or hours worked. Attorney Rodich graduated from California Western School of Law in 2015, where he received an Academic Achievement Award. He was admitted to practice law to the State Bar in 2015.

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At Rodich Law, we are honored to serve the people in our community when they need us most. If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, please don’t hesitate to enlist in the help and advocacy of our Woodland Hills Workers’ Compensation attorneys. We refuse to give up until we have obtained the compensation you deserve, because we have an innate desire to succeed on your behalf.

Our legal team has the experience and education to accurately handle your case and make sure you aren’t left behind to take care of your injuries on your own. We want you to focus on healing while we handle the legalities of your case, so you can get back on your feet as seamlessly as possible.

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In December 2016, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected an appeal in a decision that would have changed the way franchise business model looked in the state. An employee of G21, a franchise of the company Saladworks, twisted both his knees after slipping on the way out of the restaurant. He petitioned for worker’s compensation benefits from SaladWorks, later amending it to the particular restaurant business he worked for. G21, however, didn’t have worker’s compensation insurance at the time of the accident.

The employee, Gaudioso, and the Uninsured Employers Guaranty Fund (UEGF) filed a joinder petition against Saladworks, as the larger chain was an additional statutory employer of the injured party. 

The chain, however, moved to dismiss the petition because it alleged it had no relationship with Gaudioso. As a franchisor, it had no involvement in the day-to-day running of the restaurant. While a workers’ compensation judge ruled in favor of Gaudioso’s claim against G21, the judge dismissed UEGF’s petition. UEGF’s case against SaladWorks then went all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which found that SaladWorks was only in the business of selling its name, while G21 was in the business of selling food.

SaladWorks could not be held accountable for the daily maintenance of all its chains, which is the responsibility of the franchise owner. If the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had ruled in UEGF’s favor, it would have changed the liability of franchisors and franchisees across the state.

While Pennsylvania now has a precedent, the law isn’t terribly clear about liability in California. The western state has a few franchisor-liability cases to draw from but no California legal codes to definitively site. If a worker is injured in a franchise, should the workers’ compensation claim be filed with the smaller franchisee or the larger franchisor? The short answer is, the more a franchisor has control over smaller chains, the more it may be liable.

If you are an employee of a franchise and you were injured on the job, contact one of our skilled Woodland Hills workers’ compensation attorneys. We can help you find the compensation you deserve. Call us at 818-888-3000 or fill out our online form for a free case consultation.

Seeking compensation for an injury you sustained on the job can be an intimidating process. Many people are worried about their employers’ reactions to their claim or feel like they can’t take time off of work to recover from an illness or wound. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may address some of your concerns.

Is My Injury Covered?

If you were harmed in the course of your job, your injury should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. A good rule of thumb is, if you’re being paid to be somewhere, any injury you incur as a result will likely be compensated. For example, driving to and from work is commuting on your own time. 

If you’re involved in an accident on the way, your medical care wouldn’t be covered by your employer because you weren’t on the clock yet. However, if you’re driving on the way to a client’s house, that is paid time. Your car accident injuries would most likely be paid for by the company’s insurance. On the other hand, if you’re an independent contractor, you may need to provide your own workers’ comp coverage.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Each state has a statute of limitations, which is a time limit placed on filing claims. State statutes of limitations vary, but in California, the statute of limitations is 1 year from the date of injury 

(DOI). There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as:

When Should I Hire an Attorney?

You may not need to hire a workers’ comp lawyer from day one, but you should probably consult one. An attorney familiar with the claims-filing process can assist you in finding the correct forms and submit them to the correct place before the deadline. However, if your claim is denied either by the insurance company or by your employer, you will need to hire a lawyer to defend your compensation rights. A great workers’ comp attorney can help you through the appeals process.

What Should I Do If My Claim Is Denied?

You definitely should hire a lawyer if your petition for compensation is rejected. Denied claims are not that uncommon; insurance companies will use any excuse not to have to pay your expenses while you heal. An attorney can help you file an appeal and can be your representative when your case is reviewed by a judge. A lawyer can also help you appeal the judge’s decision if the court rules against you.

When Can I Apply for Long-Term Disability?

Your insurance policy will specify what constitutes a long-term disability. Some policies cover workers who can no longer perform their duties at all because of their injury, while others only provide long-term coverage for workers who can no longer perform any duties. 

The latter kind of policy is more severe because the illness or injury must be considered so debilitating the employee can no longer work at all, even a stationary job. Contact your employer’s insurance company to ask about which kind of coverage they offer.

Can My Employer Fire Me for Filing a Claim?

Your employer could try and terminate you, but you are protected under the law. California businesses usually hire under an at-will employment doctrine, meaning employers can fire you for any reason at any time. However, this doesn’t apply when the company dismisses you in retaliation for an action you can legally take. For example, if you’re a whistleblower against your employer, he or she can’t then let you go for reporting their illegal activities. Similarly, you have a protected right to file a workers’ compensation claim if you were injured on the clock. So, if your boss tries to fire you because you’ve begun filing a claim, call us to start legal proceedings immediately. The law is on your side.

Make sure you fully understand your rights as a worker. If you were injured on the job, it is your right to be covered by your employer’s insurance. Contact us at 818-888-3000 or fill out our online form to speak to a great Woodland Hills workers’ compensation lawyer.

If you are injured on the job, your claim should be covered under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. California requires all employers to carry insurance. Employers must also inform their employees of the coverage through a “notice to employees” poster in an obvious location.

Between 2013 and 2017, workers' comp denial rates have increased by 20%. Sometimes these denial reasons are legitimate. However, it is important to know that an insurance company makes money by collecting monthly premiums, not paying claims.

Companies have many reasons to reject claims, such as:

While you may be surprised your workers’ comp claim was denied, don’t be disheartened. Many compensable situations are rejected. On average, 67% of denied worker's compensation claims become paid claims within a year.

Whether your claim was not filed within the statute of limitations or your employer disputed the evidence, we can help. Our workers’ compensation attorneys at Rodich Law can provide the diligent representation you need

Steps to Take if Your Claim Was Denied

Gather Necessary Documents

While filing a claim with an insurance company may be complicated, appealing its decision is even more so. Keep your letter of denial on file to help you with your case. The letter will often tell you the general reason your claim was rejected, which your lawyer can then use to defend your case in court.

Medical records, timesheets, photographs of your incident, and witness reports can provide evidence to support your claim. If new evidence has come to light or you believe the judge’s initial decision did not take all the evidence into consideration, you can provide the necessary documents to the appeals board.

File an Appeal

Once you realize your claim is denied, you should file an appeal. A workers’ comp appeal must be filed filed with a local Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) office. 

You must file a Petition for Reconsideration with your local district office, and describe the reasons for your appeal. The petition will be reviewed by the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board (WCAB). You will receive an answer within 60 days.

California only allows 20 days from the date you receive the denial letter to file an appeal, so it is important to act quickly.

File a Writ of Review

If you disagree with the board’s decision, you have 45 days to file a writ of review in the state appellate court. While the court cannot reverse any findings of fact made by the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board, it can review the case to determine if the board’s decision was reasonable based on the evidence. If the appellate court does not overturn the original decision, you can take your case to the California Supreme Court. However, it is rare for the court to hear a workers’ compensation case.

Get Help From Rodich Law

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, it is important to seek representation right away. At Rodich Law, we can help you file an appeal and keep you informed throughout the process. From gathering evidence to representing you against insurance companies, our Woodland Hills workers’ compensation lawyers can provide the legal assistance you need.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich – led by Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Gary Rodich and Barry Rodich – works hard day-in and day-out to make certain our clients are treated fairly by insurance companies and courtrooms alike.

We regularly take on difficult and high stakes cases for our clients that cause other law firms to shy away. It is with great pride and excitement that we are able to once again announce we have secured a string of victories with three cases ending in valuable settlements for our clients.

Our three recent case victories are:

  1. Falling rod accident: We secured a $340,000.00 settlement for an injured technician who was struck in the head while leaving work. He had brushed a curtain aside to exit, but an unsecured metal rod came loose and fell right on him. The severity of his injuries caused speech impediments and various cognitive problems. Thankfully, he has made noticeable improvements thanks to years of treatment, the costs of which were factored into his settlement.
  1. Several injuries and surgeries: We represented a police dispatcher who suffered several injuries during the course of her employment. Several surgeries were conducted to try to alleviate her symptoms, but they were not enough. Thanks to our representation, she will now have all necessary future treatments and surgeries covered by her employer’s insurance, and she will also receive lifelong pay through a settlement.
  1. Back injury: We secured a $100,000.00 settlement for a maintenance supervisor who hurt his back while lifting on-the-job. He underwent several surgeries to alleviate his injury, but required more, which his insurance provider did not approve. Not only did we convince the insurance company approve coverage for an additional surgery, but we also secured a settlement that was more than ten times their original offer.

When it comes down to it, no legal team in Woodland Hills cares more about its clients than our team at Rodich Law. We always go above and beyond our clients’ expectations to pursue the best possible outcome for their case. This is what we have done for over 50 years, and it has netted us millions of dollars in recoveries secured for our clients.

See the difference our representation can make for your workers’ compensation claim. Call 818-888-3000 or contact our Woodland Hills law firm online to begin.

At Rodich Law, our attorneys work hard to help our clients find justice for the wrongful injuries they suffered at the hands of others. Recently, our office successfully procured more than $600,000 in settlements for our clients’ injuries. Among those successes was a knee injury, back injury, and stress case.

$221,000 Knee Injury Settlement

One of our clients sustained a workplace knee injury. A licensed medical provided determined that our client needed a knee arthroplasty—a surgical procedure to replace a person’s knee that involves resurfacing knee joints with metal and plastic parts.

Prior to retaining Rodich Law, the defendant refused to authorize a knee arthroplasty or otherwise compensate our client for the costs of the arthroplasty. After taking an aggressive approach to negotiations, pushing the matter to trial, the defendants agreed to pay our client $212,000 to cover the necessary medical procedure for his knee.

$125,000 Back Injury Settlement

Our client injured his back while working at a construction site. Before retaining our firm, the defendant offered our client $5 thousand to resolve his claim and stem future litigation. 

However, we continued to push forward, getting the applicant treatment for back surgery and eventually settling his claim for $125,000.

$60,000 Stress Claim

Our client sustained stress-related injuries after a co-worker attacked them. In response, our client’s employer required an “independent evaluation” of the stress claim, alleging that their condition was not caused by work, but resulted from other events in their life.

To aggravate matters, the defendant asserted that our client owed them $39,000 for reporting the incident. Our firm was able to see through the defendant’s attempt to intimidate us and ultimately convinced them to pay our client an extra $60,000 in a lump sum.

Consult an Experienced Attorney from Rodich Law

Have you been injured due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another person? If so, you might be entitled to a legal remedy for the resulting losses you sustained. You should retain an experienced and capable attorney from Rodich Law to help determine the extent and nature of your legal rights and options. You don’t have to pay a penny until we can recover fair compensation for your injuries.

For a free initial consultation, call Rodich Law or contact us online today.

Our firm is proud to have earned several recent verdicts on behalf of our clients. These recent case results represent our commitment to recovering maximum benefits for injured California workers. When insurance companies offer lowball settlements—or refuse to settle at all—we are prepared to aggressively represent our clients’ best interests at trial.

Read on to see recent verdicts we secured for our clients, or contact us directly for a free consultation about your workers’ compensation case.

$1.2 Million Recovered for 100% Disabled Worker

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich recently obtained a $1.2 million verdict for a client who sustained work-related neck and back injuries caused by repetitive work. Both the employer and the employer’s insurance provider initially denied the claim but, after overturning that denial, our firm was able to help the applicant obtain multiple back surgeries.

The defendant offered a settlement of $150,000, which we rejected. We then took the case to trial and successfully obtained an award of 100%, which guaranteed our client lifetime benefits. After achieving this favorable verdict, we were able to resolve the future medical component of the case for $1.2 million.

$190,000 Recovered for Repetitive Work Injury

Our firm recently represented a worker who sustained lower back and elbow injuries due to repetitive-motion work. This client came to our firm concerned that he had not yet received elbow surgery and was told by a different attorney at another firm that the $20,000 settlement offered by the insurance company was appropriate. Our attorneys were able to help the applicant obtain elbow surgery and, after taking the case to trial, secured a $190,000 verdict on his behalf.

$170,000 Recovered for Injured Worker Originally Offered Zero Dollars

The Law Offices of Gary Rodich recently represented a worker who sustained a repetitive work injury to her back, knees, and neck. After seeing several doctors who advised that her case was valued at zero dollars, the applicant was offered $7,500 to resolve the claim.

Upon conducting an initial consultation with the applicant, our firm quickly realized that there was a deficiency in the medical reports and set depositions for all of the medical professionals who had evaluated the applicant. After four years of litigation, our attorneys were able to obtain a favorable resolution of $170,000 for the applicant.

You can view more of our recent case results here. If you were injured at work or due to a work-related activity or incident, contact us right away for a free consultation.

The world is in the midst of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. It is marked as one of the fastest-spreading viruses in recent years, disrupting day-to-day life in all corners of the globe. If you are like so many other Americans right now, you are probably wondering if it is even safe to go to work.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken great strides to combat COVID-19 on all fronts, including researching vaccines at a record-pace and offering trustworthy, fact-based information about the virus to slow the spread of panic and misinformation. Recently, WHO teamed up with Google to put a list of five must-do safety tips to help prevent the spread of the virus at home and work.

WHO’s “Do the Five” coronavirus safety tips are:

(For more information from WHO about how to protect yourself from COVID-19, please click here to visit the organization’s official website.)

From all of us at Rodich Law in Woodland Hills, we wish you and your loved ones safety and comfort during the coronavirus pandemic. By exercising caution and care, we can all do our part in slowing the virus’s spread. With patience, calm, and focus, we can all look forward to life feeling closer to normal sooner than later.

At Rodich Law, we tirelessly fight for our clients’ rights in all manners of workers’ compensation claims and cases. No matter the peculiarities or difficulties of a case, you can bet that we will put our all into the work we do for our clients, never resting until a satisfactory case result is achieved. We are excited to be able to tell you about three recent case victories, each one noticeably different from the next.

Rock Stars Need Workers’ Comp, Too

We represented a famous rock-and-roll star hailing from a famous rock band – the artist’s name and the name of his band have been omitted to maintain our client’s privacy. He was performing onstage at a concert when he suffered a serious neck injury.

After two surgeries, the insurance company still tried to deny that the injury was work related and propped up a flimsy $10,000 settlement to try to make the case disappear. Undeterred, we fought for our client’s right to fair compensation, ultimately bringing the case to court. It was found that the musician was indeed injured at work. The case closed with a fantastic $250,000 award for our client.

Schoolyard Injury Turns Serious

Another case we recently handled involved a teacher’s aide who slipped and fell at work. The injury first seemed relatively minor but progressively worsened as time went on. She needed pain management to cope with the injury but was denied it.

The Woodland Hills workers’ comp attorneys at our firm fought for her pain management sessions as well as additional and necessary surgeries to her shoulders and wrists. The insurance company continued to deny the treatment options she desperately needed. After aggressively litigating the case in court, the insurance company offered $150,000 to settle it. Our client wanted to accept but we convinced her that the insurance company was trying to lowball and pay as little as possible.

A year later, we managed to settle the claim for a grand total of $750,000, which set her up comfortably for the remaining years of her life. We were so pleased to see her so thrilled when she received the news of the settlement, happily in tears.

Protecting Our Protectors

The last case we can share today involved a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer who suffered an injury at work. He required back surgery to correct the injury but the City of Los Angeles denied the treatment. The LAPD also attempted to discharge the officer from duty and therefore employment.

We had to litigate the case to get the City of LA to listen to what was right. We not only successfully obtained the surgery for the officer but we were also able to get him his job back. He is now proudly working as a Los Angeles police officer in full duty.

Want to know more about Rodich Law? Need our Woodland Hills workers’ compensation lawyers for a claim of your own? You can contact us at any time for a free consultation to discover your rights and legal options after being hurt at work.

The ongoing protests in all 50 states following the killing of George Floyd have resulted in some tumultuous situations and understandably high tensions. In some cities, protesters have been incited to looting and retaliation. Both sides of the barricades have suffered injuries, including police officers and National Guard members.

Some of these officers and Guardsmen are facing a dilemma: continue showing up for duty or try to tend to their injuries. What many might not realize is that they are likely covered by workers’ compensation insurance provided as part of their enrollment or enlistment. With proper workers’ comp or disability pay benefits, they can take care of themselves without losing valuable pay.

Workers’ Compensation for Police Officers

If you ask a police officer why they joined the force, then most will say they were looking for a steady job with good benefits. To this end, workers’ compensation plans offered to police officers are usually fairly comprehensive and provide access to a good network of medical professionals at no cost to the injured officer. Plans can cover all types of injuries, including those suffered in the line of duty and those that arise from simple mistakes, like slipping and falling in the precinct.

If you are a police officer who has been hurt during protests or in any other capacity recently, then you should definitely look into your workers’ compensation coverage. You can get the assistance of an attorney if your HR department is less than helpful.

Disability Benefits for National Guards

Enlistment in the National Guard is not the same as employment in the police force. Access to workers’ compensation is one of the many differences between these two groups. National Guards members are covered by Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits, not workers’ compensation.

VA disability benefits can provide monthly financial benefits with no taxes. There are caveats, though. The National Guard member who is filing must be deemed to be at least 10% disabled by an injury suffered in active duty, such as monitoring protests.

Proud to Serve Police Officers & Military Veterans

Rodich Law in Woodland Hills is proud to offer our legal services to the men and women of local police forces and the National Guard.

If you need any assistance figuring out your workers’ compensation or disability benefits, then please call our office at 818-888-3000. We can discuss the key details of your case during a free initial consultation.

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